Tecno Brianza Brevetti is a leader company in Italy in the design and in the production of tying making and clipping machines for salami and fresh food products, also in the marketing of articles of wide consumption.

By being a strong growing company, Tecno Brianza is interested in making international agreements for the sale and the distribution of machines and consumables.

Thanks to a long experience in this sector and thanks to a deep knowledge of productions processes of meat processing, Tecno Brianza Brevetti has built adaptable and simple machines both in the use and in the maintenance.

All these aspects make Tecno Brianza's machines extremely attractive and pleasing both for big companies (for them Tecno Brianza suggests automatic clipping and tying lines) and even for families companies.

For the seller, proposing Tecno Brianza machines, is certainly an interesting thing: more than, their high reliability learned through times, the easy technique used, doesn't require demanding training courses.

The handiness of the substitution of machines spare parts allows the seller to agree with the customer a planned maintenance.

Among our production machines, the more important request by the meat and fresh food processing companies in the foreing countries, for which we want to extend partners sellers network are:

  • Tying machine SR
  • Tying machine FRT-MF-400-G
  • TBA 800
  • Sausage filling press

Contact us, we will find the right solution!


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